Ethercat digital IO test with Beckhoff modules


  • Hardware setup:
    – EK1100 ethercat coupler.
    – Four EL2008 modules for 32-bit digital output.
    – Four EL1018 modules for 32-bit digital input.
    – Two DC 24V SMPS
  • Software setup:
    (1) Debian Jessie and Xenomai dual kernel.
    (2) Ubuntu 14.04 and RT-preempt kernel.
    (3) Debian Wheezy and RTAI dual kernel.
  • Test result: cycle-time 190 us in DC mode.

Building and running “Ethernet Powerlink” demo on PCs

Building and running openPOWERLINK v2.1.1 demos on Linux PCs

1.  Ubuntu14.04:

  • demo_cn_console, demo_mn_console: run without any problem.
  • demo_mn_qt: crashes. —> bug fixed in openPOWERLINK v2.1.2

2. Ubuntu 14.10, Ubuntu 12.04, Debian Jessie :

  • demo_cn_console, demo_mn_console, demo_mn_qt: run without any problem.

3. Kernel 3.18.11-rt on Ubuntu 14.10:

  • locktorture.c should be patched to compile the kernel. 
  • RCU-related kernel options should be properly set to prevent softirqs messages while running the demo.

Details of the “Ethernet Powerlink” can be found at