Implementation of a PC-based motion controller/robot controller with USB interface [3]

Motion-control FPGA:  

  • Reads the  status of external sensors and servo drives and sends it  to the PC. 
  • Receives commands from  the PC and writes them to external devices and servo drives.


Internal structure of the motion-control FPGA:


  1. command-pulse-generator module: generating command pulses for servo drives.
  2. quadrature-counter module: counting quadrature  pulses from servo drives.
  3. output-latch module: latching parallel output signals  to external devices and servo drives.
  4. input-latch module:  latching parallel  input signals from external sensors and servo drives.
  5. USB-interface module: reading/writing data from/to  USB bus. 
  6. Finite-state-machine module: controlling  the data flows among the above modules.