Can I get the source code, electrical schematics and mechanical drawing of a commercial robot system ?

If you don’t care of some old robots,  my answer is “Yes.  you can get almost everything”.

Unimation provided the followings with their PUMA robots:

  • Complete electrical schematics of robot controllers.
  • Complete mechanical drawings of PUMA robots. 
  • Protocols to comminicate with joint servo processors (unofficial). 

Thanks to many researchers, the following work was done to understand Unimation controllers and PUMA robots: 

  • The firmware of the joint servo processor was disassembled and the puma servo system was analyzed.
  • The firmware of the teach pendant was disassembled.
  • Dynamic parameters of PUMA robots were identified and verified by experiments.
  • Unimation’s robot lanaguage, VAL,  was disassembled and analyzed by me.

The PUMA robot controllers are the first industrial robot controllers and they are survived by the robot controllers of Stäubli and Adept. 

Kawasaki had the license to produce and sell PUMA robot systems in Asia. Because Unimation did not patent their stuffs in Japan, Unimation’s knowhows were melted into Japanese robot industries.